A new resource exploring what it means to be Undetectable.

Policy & Positions

How the new Undetectable status is shaping public and institutional policy.

Why the CDC Stopped Calling Sex Without a Condom ‘Unprotected Sex “… there are now multiple ways to have safer sex when the goal is preventing HIV transmission. Condoms obviously still play an important role, but there are other ways individuals can protect themselves as well.“

UK experts: successful treatment is "as effective as consistent condom use" in reducing HIV transmission “The observed reduction in HIV transmission in a clinical trial setting demonstrates that successful ART use by the person who is HIV positive is as effective as consistent condom use in limiting viral transmission,” it says.”

Canadian consensus statement on HIV and its transmission in the context of criminal law “…criminal law is being used in an overly broad fashion against people living with HIV in Canada because of, in part, a poor appreciation of the scientific understanding of HIV and its transmission.” "Where the HIV-positive individual is on effective antiretroviral therapy, anal-penile intercourse likely poses a negligible possibility of transmitting HIV even in the absence of condom use."

ACON position statement – What is safe sex? “ ‘Safe sex’ … is no longer restricted to binaries of condomless sex or sex with condoms. There are now at least five strategies that reasonably constitute ‘safe sex’…”

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