A new resource exploring what it means to be Undetectable.
This graphic represents our reimagining of the traditional Red Ribbon used to promote HIV awareness. The disappearing red dots represent the vanishing HIV virus in one’s body as anti-retroviral treatment suppresses one’s viral load to undetectable levels. We believe that reinterpreting this iconic symbol of HIV awareness provides a powerful visual metaphor for our project’s goal of rebranding HIV for the post-treatment era.

Why we created this page.

There have been tremendous breakthroughs in HIV treatment in the last decade, Today, living with HIV can mean different things – there is a spectrum of outcomes ranging from very poor to excellent. With advancements in antiretroviral (ARV) therapies, there is now a new group of people living with HIV who are undetectable, meaning they have very little virus in their blood. As a result, most of these individuals have a non-compromised immune system, will live a normal lifespan, and are very unlikely to transmit the virus sexually after six months with an undetectable viral load.

As far as we are aware, there is currently no website or on-line resource specifically dedicated to presenting information on what it means to be HIV positive, on treatment, and undetectable. Our goal for this page is to provide up-to-date, accurate, and comprehensive information about the new face of HIV and what it means to be undetectable. Using the tabs above, you will find the latest research, news articles, policy announcements, and other useful links discussing aspects of an undetectable HIV status such as non-compromised immune function, normal lifespan, and a negligible chance of sexual transmission. With your help, we hope to keep building this library so that it can serve as a valuable resource for community members, health professionals, policy makers, and educators.

Interviews and Stories in the Media

Interview with PositiveLite: Bob Leahy talks to the folks at AIDS Vancouver about their innovative campaign "The New Face of HIV - What it Means to be Undetectable". It refers to the new realities of living with HIV in the ear of highly effective antiretrovirals.

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