A new resource exploring what it means to be Undetectable.

About the Project

Vision: The Undetectables initiative seeks to establish ‘Undetectable’ as a health status distinct from either HIV Positive or HIV Negative, and in so doing eradicate stigma and promote best practices around research, treatment, and prevention.

Mission: The Undetectables initiative seeks to rebrand treated HIV as a minimally disruptive, manageable condition through evidenced-based education and awareness building regarding the new realities of living with HIV in the post-HAART era. The Undetectables initiative aims to:

  • Provide people living with HIV (PLHIV) with new language in order to foster a more empowered sense of self and promote an identity rooted in health and longevity rather than being defined by illness.
  • Empower MSM and other sexually active people to make more informed safer sex choices as well as reducing the fear of testing for HIV.
  • Educate health care providers to enable them to distinguish between HIV-positive and Undetectable patients and thereby speak to them in a way that accurately reflects their prognosis and provide appropriate care to these distinct patient populations.
  • Promote understanding of Undetectable as a health status distinct from HIV-positive (similar to the difference between Remission and Cancer) that reflects a non-compromised immune system, negligible chance of sexual transmission*, and normal lifespan.
  • Alleviate depression and isolation amongst PLHIV’s by eradicatingstigma and discrimination.

* See our Research tab for studies on the growing evidence re: Undetectable HIV levels and sexual transmission http://www.aidsvancouver.org/hiv_research

* See what Dr. Julio Montaner, Clinical Director, BC Centre for Excellence in HIV/AIDS has to say about chance of transmission in our In the News tab.

Download The New Face of HIV (PDF)

Perpared by AIDS Vancouver, this document outlines the goals of The New Face of HIV project.

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