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The latest information on clinical trials and research studies exploring what it means to be Undetectable.

No-one with an undetectable viral load, gay or heterosexual, transmits HIV in first two years of PARTNER study “No transmissions is not the same as zero chance of transmission.” “They established that there was a 95% chance that (in a couple whose sexual activity is average for the group studied) the greatest-possible risk of transmission from a partner was 0.45% per year and from anal sex was 1% a year.”

HIV Transmission Risk Essentially 0 if Heterosexual Partner Has Undetectable Viral Load “A multistudy review of HIV-discordant heterosexual couples estimated an HIV transmission rate of 0.0 to 0.14 per 100 person-years when the positive partner has an undetectable viral load thanks to antiretroviral therapy”

HPTN 052: The trial that changed everything “The study team calculated that there was a relative reduction of 96% in HIV transmissions because of the initiation of early ART.”

How much longer have I got? “A UK-CHIC study…found that an HIV-positive man aged 35, with a CD4 count between 350 and 500, now had an average expected lifespan of 77 years; if his CD4 count was over 500, it rose to 81 years – statistically indistinguishable from the general population…”

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